The White & Black of the same house & housie ! !

Blacks & whites not only exist in chess boards, but also in human beings as well. But did you also know that it exists in architecture also? Well, this project deals with such a contrast within itself.

As always, before starting any project I was analyzing the client, in order to give what best suits him. In this case, the client’s personality surprised me because of the contrasting two sides within himself. He brought in a proposal for a separate living portion within his bigger house (the bigger portion left for his parents). He was clear with the language that he wanted – “classic wooden tree house types”; this made my job easier for a start but the challenge remained in what is the unique feature that will be the limelight.

Coming to the contrasts I had observed, there was a face which is adventure loving, risk taking and ready to invite friends within his spaces; the other being a complete secluded introvert, willing to explore the solitude of human soul. Hence I decided that within the space limitations, I had to play around with 2 different spatial qualities, yet both speaking the same architectural style. After a lot of discussion about the daily routine & the usage of the whole house, we both came to the similar conclusion of taking the corner most of the ground floor rooms with the possibility of an external access which could spill over to the backyard garden & utilize the upper floor of the car garage.


Roof cut view

This being the outline of client brief, I set off. Since there was a vast quantity of space and structural limitations because it is an already constructed house, I stuck myself down to the bare minimum of design elements, stripping down the articulations completely & giving more importance to the quality of space.

Thus the ground floor space is designed for a self- explorer & a solitude thinker. This space uses a darker theme and has selected illumination pockets to enhance the exploring nature of the user. Elements which support this idea such as water, stone & a dark neutral color form the major features of interests. Other than that the room is devoid of unnecessary furniture / distracting equipment and more room is given for the exposed floor. There is one access to a personal garden and another access to the common backyard which leads to the upper level space.

This transition between the lower room & upper room had to be as significant as it is for a person to see past his other side from one side. Smaller landscape elements are used here since the structure is an existing one. The backyard also houses the memorial of their beloved pet & the proposed landscape paves way for it as well.


Now the upper deck space – Right from the access, every part of this is designed for the adventure loving side of the client. A set of wooden planks take you to a bridge (the one you see in movies, across 2 mountains which always breaks at the end of a fight sequence) which in turn takes you to the room. The garage is a wall to wall construction with the neighboring plots; hence 2 sides of the space are designed as slits acting as buffered exterior pebble zones. Of the other 2 sides – one homes a flexible wall unit & the other rooms a forest bed canopy.

Full length FRP panels- pivoted at the top & bottom on sliding rails separate this space from the room. This also helps with the energy consumption during air-conditioning. The roof, actually made of light weight fabricated sections & thermos sheet is given the illusion of a heavier structure by the choice of material finish. It is elevated to 1. Climatically keep the interiors under temperature 2. To give an adventurous floating roof feeling.

Because of the very limited floor space, utility storage, furniture, display shelf & study are clubbed together into a single wall unit. This acts as 1. A 2 seater; 2. A seater with laptop desk; 3. TV niche; 4. Display shelf; 5. Wine cellar with high level bar seater; 6. Book rack; 7. Extra storage space.



The bed space is given the maximum of the spatial qualities. The garage is such that it is surrounded by the dense foliage of almond trees & Neem tree. So a poly-carbonate cubicle is suspended separately from the room, this encloses the bed. So, when the bed is flattened out, is is as if you are camping in a forest, sleeping under the naked sky. Rolling pulley is used to incline/ suspend the bed. When it is in closed position, the bed-foot forms a comfortable seating for two.


Since this part is designed for the extrovert in the client, this embraces nature, light & open spaces abundantly and the whole tone of the room is lighter compared to the other.


Hope you enjoyed this post. Stay connected for more ! ! Feel free to leave your comments about the same.


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