It is amazing when you know where it comes from…

The strong woman who chose her passion to chase ! !

From the moment I met her I have been thinking about the possible opportunities I could render that will change her life forever. Just because her mother is a neighborhood household helper it does not mean that she cannot stand up to pursue her dream of becoming an independent lady in the society.
Life is not only about getting into limelight from the famous stages. Sometimes you have to build your own stage not only for you but others and get your own audience.

Jewelry making is a whole new typology for me, but it is still a form of art; with practice it could become life building craft for anyone with the interest to accessorize. Yeah, her choice of self accessories and interest towards dressing could have been my triggering point. But with little effort, few basic sewing skills, and minimum grasping power of design we were able to achieve big outputs.

To begin with, I am publishing what we are off to. If any of the designs impresses you, ping us in Facebook Messenger – Reflection of soul

We will be back soon with a bang of collections to fill your closets and hearts! !

This time, make sure to know where your accessories come from and where your money goes to!!


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