What is your humanity score on 10?

Where it all comes from !!

“You can never truly understand your whole self until you know your origin”

One of my recent thoughts is, how judgmental we become once we see a conclusion. Be it the not-so-fancy shoes you see at the roadside cobbler, or the unhappy waitress who could not spread all smiles to costumers today, or the guy who failed to apologize because he ran into you by mistake and left in a hurry, or the young man who did not offer his seat to the standing woman in the bus, most of us come to the same conclusion.

We judge the person by what we see for a second but fail to analyze the process they are going through. That is all the exposure the cobbler has and all the material he had for earning his day’s bread;┬áThe waitress had been working 36 hours without a rest; The guy was running to his dying pet who needs him this moment; The young man is just returning back from the hospital with an operated abdomen.

The same thing happens with the millions of things we see in an online shopping network. We have become so self centered that I buy the same vegetables from an air conditioned super market, to fill up the pocket of an already millionaire rather than the poor door vendor who sells for his life today. In fact if you take a deeper thought, the daily vendor has no choice but to serve you fresh produce whereas the departmental store has the option of refrigerating their products for the next day.

Unless we travel past the conclusion and reach the origin of people and goods we can never truly appreciate the difference between COST & WORTH.

Being a process-centered-designer I would invite all my viewers through the origin and the whole process of each category of products I am dealing with, so with each introduction there would be a tag line- where it comes from/ the process behind.

This post is only to kindle the humanity in us which is in coma for the past few decades before it goes to the ice-box.

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