Artist Within The Architect

Its All About Architecture

Being a designer, being a creator there is this constant quest for searching.. There are no definitive boundaries.. No limits.. No matter how far or deep you are, both your conscious and sub conscious mind has to keep searching for the next stage..  The next level  you are about to touch…  In that manner, all of my past designs have been different in all of their aspects.. Right from the start the clients, the travel and the end product all have been entirely different. None of the designs have had the same design principles; none has had the same A to B to C process. They all have been unique in their own way…

 Creativity – Heart Of Architecture

But deep beneath it there is this stream line… It’s something like the master key of a house.. There might be different keys to different rooms. But there is no rule that a single key cannot define all of the rooms. Same way  from all of my past designs I have been able to recognize 2 liquidated stream lines. It has got something to do with the modern era we are in… We are down to this point after a long travel from heavy detailing:

heavy detailing - 01




To cutting of all the articulations and abstracting our emotions to simpler yet stronger forms..


And here we are, at least I am, stuck in limbo… The lines I had traveled down could be narrowed down to 2 phases:

  1. Where the design rules are rigid, and to the point to physical geometry, more like mathematics. It follows what the site wants. And

stage -01

  1. Where the right is wrong. Giving in a leak to emotional value, but not entirely letting in what I want along with it. But this stage is a shade of grey in white. I still have to stick on to what is feasible and what is within the limitations set by the client.

stage -02

There is a saturation for the two; to be honest, I could not stick to the first line for more than a couple or so projects. My search ended up to the second stage in which I have been stuck for longer enough. For a while all of my designs, though unique in their own way still have a subtle link. As of now my next step would be to move out from even this rigidity and totally break free. The challenge is to tackle the client’s brief and the feasibility of construction within it.

future stage

Architecture actually lies somewhere between the work of an engineer and the work of an artist. The ratio of both which you want in your designs is what really defines you. I think it’s time to add in a spoonful of artists’ to the existing mixture.

Please feel free to leave your comments as to what you think the next ERA would be in Architecture. Where we would be headed towards..


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